About Us


About Us

In a world where livestock farming is responsible for 18% of all anthropogenic greenhouse emissions and 26% of Earth’s ice-free surface, the time is now for us to start thinking of a systemic change to our eating habits. Cultivated Meat is big leap forward and would help to significantly reduce our water and land consumption while still keeping up with the ever growing demand for meat.

MyoWorks Private Limited aims to create an eco-system of ancillary products that will facilitate any cultivated-meat entrepreneur’s vision to replace real meat products with in-vitro meat.

Our focus is specifically on scaffolds for the cultivated meat industry. It’s an essential, edible component for the shape, structure, texture and taste of the meat.

In the two years of thorough research, we have very promising results using various different technologies and substances.


Mr. Nihal Singh



Nihal Singh (B.S. Information Technology, St. Xaviers, Mumbai) leads the domains of Marketing, Business Development and Operations at MyoWorks. In addition to his role at Myoworks, Nihal is the Marketing Head at Twilite Products (India).

Twilite Products (India) has worked in the food industry over the last fifty years, exporting food products to several countries including Australia, USA, Canada and the Middle East. As Marketing Head at Twilite, Nihal Singh has an expertise in compliance and regulatory issues surrounding food exports that he brings to Myoworks

Mr. Shubhankar Takle



Shubhankar Takle(BS Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, USA) is in charge of R&D and Human Resources at MyoWorks. In addition to his role at MyoWorks, Shubhankar is a Director at Takle Jewellers Private Limited